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tar 21 and mk18 mod 1


tar 21 and mk18 mod 1

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Coalition force members during an operation in Nerkh district, Wardak province, Afghanistan, Oct.15, 2013. US Army photo by Spc. Liam Mulrooney

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There are many specialist trades in the Army that are often not widely known and one of the most bizarre trades, given the location, to be operating in the deserts of Afghanistan is the Royal Engineers Dive Team.

An asset that is available to the British and American troops serving in Helmand, the Dive Team can be called upon to search for and recover assets that might become submerged in the rivers and canals of Afghanistan. Based in Camp Bastion the Dive Team carry out regular dives in their training tank to ensure they keep current and well-practiced with their diving skills.

The Royal Engineer divers are trained to a depth of 50m and carry out underwater tasks such as demolitions, construction and reconnaissance. All this is conducted in zero visibility in all conditions. They will perform various different tasks to ensure they are fully prepared for even the most unlikely events.


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